Why Military Spouses Should Start a Blog

There are many reasons for a military spouse to start a blog. Here are some but not limited to:

Digital journaling through your travels: This is a great opportunity to document all the places you have been. Take pictures, write about about it, give reviews, make a duty station bucket list. This will be super helpful for the military spouses who are coming to your station soon. It will give them something to look forward to and help them navigate the area better with the sense of familiarity.

Experience: You have a lot of experience that civilian people lack. Both good and bad. You can write about the current climate of military culture, current events such as issues with childcare, and your stories with PCS. People love to read about experience, and you have a unique story to share with readers.

Specific Niche: The military community is such a specific, tight-knit,  niche that you are bound to grow an audience full of supportive people. There are many fellow mil-spouses that would love to help connect you to others and resources in order to grow your blog.

Passive Income: Given the correct marketing strategies, you will be able to make some money while maintaining your job as a stay at home mom and spouse. Maybe you are doing this on the  side while you are working, It takes a while, to earn income but there is a wealth of information out there to help you achieve your financial goals.

Show off your talents and develop new skills: When starting a blog, you will absolutely learn new things by having to troubleshoot. It sounds intimidating,but it is not.You will also be able to show off your talents, whether it is creative writing, graphic design, photography, working any type of software etc. This is your time to shine. If you lack skills in an area that is necessary for blogging, you will learn it.

Employable Skills: If you are a stay at home mom and managing a blog, you have acquired a lot of tech skills, marketing, networking, and written and communication skills. All things employers are seeking. If you have been out of a traditional job for a while, but you have been blogging, you are considered a business owner. This will not be a problem if you want to get back  into the traditional job market.

E-commerce: Often times a blog leads to a business. This is a way to get more hits and traffic on your website. You want to generate revenue. I have seen so many bloggers successfully publish their own ebooks using Amazon Kindle Self Publishing ebooks.

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