Tutorial: How I Got Pastel Pink Hair- Exclusive Discount Inside

Maintaining any color of hair can be challenging- especially when we get into the world of pastel. I am self-taught. There has been, and continues to be trial and error. This is why I always disclaim that I am not a professional so this is just my experience. If you do not have experience with bleach, I would advise to go to a salon, have a consult, or at least have a friend to help you. I know it is a lot of money, which is why I do a DIY.

 I always say my hue differ, but I typically try to go for a rose gold pastel or a cotton candy pastel.


Before we start I must state:

Something that you must consider before going lighter, coloring, or going to the extreme of pastel, is that your hair is going to go through a whole lot of chemicals. You will be lifting to a level 10. It is wishful thinking that your hair will not endure damage. There are some steps you can take to minimize that damage.


Let’s begin with prepping your hair. 2-4 weeks in advance before the bleaching process, you will want to give yourself hair treatments about 2-3 times a week. I cannot recommend a product since I do not know everyone’s hair type. It does not have to be expensive. I gave myself Ion Protein treatments as well as immersing my hair into coconut oil overnight. You know your hair type and the right products to use. The ultimate goal is to get your hair healthy and strong, so it can take all the products with minimal damage.


You must lift in gradual stages. If you do not, your hair will fry. I know, I know, believe me, we get excited to transition to another color, and most of all we do not want to walk around with untoned bleached hair (ugh).This is when a stylish hat comes in handy. However, if you want to maintain the dignity of your hair, you must go in baby steps.


I achieved my pastel hair by bleaching it to a level 10 with level 30 developer. I was going from black to level 10, so as you can imagine this was a long process. I had to do multiple bleach sessions. Be sure to keep the bleach 1-2 inches away from your scalp.




After the bleaching process, my hair was extremely orange. To fix the orange and brassiness you must tone. When you apply toner and wait, you will see it turn purple. Not to worry. It will not stay that color if you leave it in for about 30 mins or whatever the box says. The purple lifts the brass out of your hair and turns it into a beautiful ash- blonde color. I used my favorite product as always Wella in T-18  and the Wella Developer in 20.

I had to repeat 2-3 times. At this point, my hair was starting to get a bit damaged despite the precautions I took.

I always got my products at Sally Beauty because of the massive discounts and I was getting a lot of product at this time. They have a lot of selection as well.

Looking back now, I would have spaced out the amount of times I used the developer.


I then created a mixture of my all-time favorite hair dye and deep conditioner to dye my hair.

Many tutorials that I have found recommend using Head and Shoulders, but I could not imagine saturating my head in this.

I figured giving Ion Deep Condition-Repair a chance.

I mixed that in with Ion Color Brilliance in Rose Quarz (my fav color Ion color and fav color for mixing) and used a bit of Ion rose and salmon (if I recall).


For pastel hair, do not leave it in for the amount of time you would regular die. Try 10-15 mins. If you need more, try again.

A rule in beauty- it is always best to use less than more. You can always add to it.


I followed up by giving my hair a deep conditioning with Ion Protein Rapid Repair kit.

I will follow up on how I maintain my pastel hair in my next post.


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