The Power of Yelp

Getting ready for your PCS? Just arrive at that new duty station? Feeling overwhelmed because you just came from a small town and now you’re in San Diego?

Yelp can actually ease the stress of moving. It is one of the quickest navigational tools on the internet to get everything you need all at one. You can use the filter feature to cater to your needs and interests. After making a selection that peaks your interest, you can actually click on the yelp profile and it will take you to the direct website. This is why I have found it is the easiest navigation tool when getting to a new duty station.

It can help be the deciding factor if you want to move off base, rather than on base. You can see the apartments and their rating, go to the website and see prices. You can look at the surrounding schools, parks, activities for adults and children, research urgent cares, restaurants and entertainment.

When moving to Camp Pendleton, I used Yelp to assist me in finding our arpartment. I looked at highest rated, researched a bit, and gave our place a call. I found that we would be saving quite a bit of money if we moved in. I searched for everything I listed above. When we finally moved in, it did not disappoint. We live in an awesome, safe neighborhood, with everything I need (including base) within 10-15 minutes.

I started my Yelp account in 2016 to assist other military families during their moves. Being new to an area can be quite intimidating. I have nothing but honest things to say about the places I visit. I have reviewed places on Base, which is quite rare. If you go on Yelp and type in “Camp Pendleton” you will not find very much.

It sounds silly, but I have made Yelp Elite ‘17 and ‘18. It is safe to say you that you can trust the accuracy of my reviews.

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