Support your local Humane Society- Meet our Cats

We are clearly a cat family. We have 2 cats. Pepper and Cinnamon Candy. I had no say in our 2nd cat’s came. Our 3 year old (at the time) kept calling her that and it just stuck. We call her Cinnamon for short.

I want to talk about the importance of animal shelters, especially those near military installations. Many people are forced to give up their animal due to housing regulations or due to PCS. Due to these reasons, there is an over population of animals in these shelters. This is largely a problem in most animal shelters, but it sky rockets once you get closer to bases.

I am such a fan of the San Diego Humane Society, and I encourage everyone to take a look at their website. They have a no kill policy. They posted a few years ago that they finally got to zero. What is it? It is the commitment to reaching reaching zero euthanasia practices, medical treatment, volunteerism, donations and adoptions. They often have adoption fairs, BOGO, and many creative ways to get animals into a loving home.

San Diego county is such a great place to be-even for animals. Shelters are well maintained and animals get the top medical care, microchipped, and they are fed well. This can be attributed to the hard work of locals and the generosity of donors and partnerships.

When we got our cats, they were fully vaccinated, microchipped, and came with all the records since they were in the shelter.

They also hold discount days to get their shots updated.

Pepper (left) was our first cat. When I saw her I knew I had to have her. Cinnamon (right) was our second, and we got her on the BOGO day. Since she was free, we gave the money as a donation (see the genius tactic they used).

Pepper loves attention, she’s protective of our 6 year old, and they are extremely attached to one another. She has become our daughters therapy animal. She is smoothing to her in times of anxiety and even sleeps with her. She has a very strong personality and is a social butterfly with visitors. Cinnamon came to us days after her kittens were taken from her. She is still extremely traumatized and she is very anxious.

I will never support breeders. If you are looking at a pet from a breeder just know that the conditions are often confined and terrible. They will live shorter lives and have more health issues than a mix breed for obvious reasons.

Please visit your local shelter. If nothing clicks right away, try back another time. I promise that you’ll find the love of your life there soon.