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Have you always imagined working from home? This is ideal for stay at home moms who want to bring in some income. Making money from starting an online can take a while, but you will find yourself ahead of the game making money quickly with the right techniques. I have developed a tutorial and media kit all for free when you subscribe. Let’s get started!

To promote your company you are going to want to set up a media kit. This is like a less traditional resume, but with all the content a resume would hold. It is your chance to show the prospective sponsor (for example) what makes you and your brand stand out, and why they should invest time and money into you. You will need to collect and list all of your updated social media platforms, statistics and demographics. This is the most important content that they are looking for.

It does not matter how big or small your brand/business is. It does not hurt to update your media kit and go over it from another perspective. New blogger? New E-commerce site? If you are just starting out, this tutorial and media kit is perfect to jump start your business.

My Media Kit comes with an in-depth tutorial, and visual aid for reference. You will need a media kit updated and handy if you are looking to expand your business and take it to the next level.

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