Shocking New Multiple Sclerosis Study Confirms the Need for Activism

March 2019 is Multiple Sclerosis Month!

We have a lot to cover and I hope you join me on this journey.

It is critically important to spread awareness. Even if you are not affected by MS, I ask that you become an ally. Our country is in the midst of a scientific revolution in the MS community. New findings are arising as technology advances. At this point we know how to manage MS but we have not found a cure. The Center for Disease Control does not require physicians to report new MS findings in patients due to most symptoms being invisible. The National MS Society is advocating for a national registry so we can obtain a more accurate number of the prevalence of MS in the US. For now, the National MS Society works to estimate and update the prevalence of MS. It is estimated that 2.3 million people are currently affected worldwide.


A new study recently released confirmed that nearly one million people are living with MS in the United States.

That is two times more than what was originally estimated.

With twice as many people living with MS in the US, means that we need twice as much help, support, funding, and solutions.



Having allies to join the MS movement is extremely important because the majority of us experience chronic and often times disabling fatigue.


You can become a digital media activist by joining the movement on your social media platforms and educating yourself on MS & current events. If every person who read this did that, it would make a massive impact. Not only will all of your friends and followers be educated on a new subject, but you will reach government officials at a federal, state, and local level.


Getting started is simple


You can make your own post, visual aid, retweet, or share posts such as this


Use #MSactivist in ALL messages in all social media platforms (not just Twitter).

Use one or two additional hashtags based on importance – see below.


If it’s important that your followers or officials know where you’re from, use your two-letter state abbreviation as a hashtag, such as #CA, #NE, #TX or #DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia).


Federal Research Funding


MS activists urge Congress to support federal MS research funding through the National Institutes of Health and the MS Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program.


Hashtags: #MSresearch and #NIH / @NIH or #CDMRP / @CDMRP


How to use sample posts

On Twitter:

  • replace @senator or @representative or @publicofficial or @[insert legislator handle] with your official’s Twitter handle, #DearSenator or #DearHouseRep (respectively or) #DearCongress

  • A period (.) in front of an @mention ensures that all of your followers see the tweet.

On Facebook, either:

  • post on your profile and tag your official (replace @publicofficial with the title of your Senator's or Representative’s Facebook page) or

  • post/comment directly on your official's page and omit @publicofficial.