My MS Symptom Map

As MS Month comes to an end, I wanted to share this graphic i made as well as share some knowledge and personal experience with you all. .

Everyone with Multiple Sclerosis experiences symptoms differently. There are many similarities no two cases are the same. This is why they call it the “snowflake disease” most often it is the “invisible disease” .


The size, space, location, age of, and number of lesions differ upon patients. The rate at which you progress, Some people have a mild case and never progress past that point, and some people go quickly. Keep in mind, everyone’s biochemistry is the vastly different. Also, some people are medicated and stabilized, and others (like me) have not yet tried medication. There are 4 types of MS: Relapsing Remitting at 85%, Secondary Progressive, Primary Progressive at 10% and Secondary Progressive at 5% which is the most rare. Some people will end up going from Relapsing Remitting to Primary Progressive, and some people can have a combination of types. This is why it is so important to make mindful lifestyle changes upon diagnosis. You do not want negative progression.

I made this condensed map of the symptoms in which I experience on a daily basis. I am always in flare up with the exception of a few days in between. I have a lot more symptoms than what this symptom map reveals, such as constantly dropping things, difficulty pulling change out of my wallet, getting out of bed at night, paralysis, falls,, using. a cane, exhaustion raising my voice, I cannot yell, and the list goes on.

Did I mention my vitamin D levels are 11>. I have been on Vitamin D therapy over 2000 UI per day and it still does not work.

Note: This is a huge risk factor and indicator of MS. Please please please, get your vita-D and talk to doc about blood tests and integrate supplements.

I am also anemic and suffer from Fibromyalgia, which is very real.

Some times I cannot attribute what symptoms belong to which illness.

*I will be doing a blog on Vita-D, Anemia, and Fibro (which I am actually writing a 10 page paper on that right now). I actually should be doing that. I suffer from chronic procrastination above all else

I am only 25 by the way. I am not seeking pity. I am only spreading awareness and education. Personally, I am glad to finally have some answers,

Here is my picture. Comment and or share on social media platforms if you can relate.

If you need support, please build a community here.

There is also a great social media website for people with chronic health conditions called My Health Team. I use this for my support groups.


My biggest symptoms are all on the right side, particularly chronic pain and stiffness/MS HUG.