Be Nice to Your In-Laws

What type of in-laws do you have?

The family you have always dreamed of?

Overbearing and making your business their business (or at least try)?

The passive aggressive type?

Self- victimizing and craves attention from your husband?

Other? (Insert here)

Add this to military life, which I have found it is very hard for in-laws to understand- and you are bound for a lot of stress.

As much as the military spouse loves to appear to have it all together, we are human, and certainly not perfect.

Holidays are approaching and you might be prone to some stress (hopefully not a lot of stress) with the in-laws in town.

To handle stress, make a list of somethings that help you prepare for the visit, so we are not stuck in the house without the slightest idea of what to do. Excess time leads to ruminating on negative thoughts The last thing we need is a holiday family feud.

Some things to consider…

Meal prep, prepare food, cook, experiment with new things

Take your in-laws on a walk or hike and explore the area together. Nothing expresses bonding more than endorphins circulating .

Have your child conduct a science experiment or crafting project.

Have a movie night with snacks.

Makeover and spa DIY OR go out and treat your self

In the end we must remember, that boundary setting is a must. If your in-law has done something that you do not agree with, constructively let them know without being passive. It is easier said than done, but with practice, you got this!

Just try to be nice to your in-laws. It will mean the most to your husband, and your setting an example for the children. Family is all we have, so let’s keep calm and be nice to our in-laws