5 Ideas for a Budget Friendly Holiday Season
  1. Homemade gifts Not only are homemade gifts more sentimental than store bought, but they are a gift that you can give to a person that has absolutely everything. The biggest perk is that it will save you time and money, and eliminate the stress of holiday shopping. I love to make homemade body scrubs, bath bombs or treats in an airtight container such as a mason jar.

  2. Use the Google extension Honey- If you are doing some last minute shopping, consider adding the google extension Honey to your browser. Honey will automatically search for the lowest prices, find and apply coupon codes to your purchase. It is apart of Google’s editor’s choice, and I have to agree with them. Again, this is not sponsored.

  3. Skip the PX, unless you have coupons. If you’re shopping for holiday decor and gift wrap, try stores such as Ikea, the Dollar Tree, and Walmart. Ikea? Yeah, they have high-quality products that are extremely inexpensive. I am talking 100 candles for $1.00 inexpensive. They have gorgeous holiday lights for around $5. You will most likely be the only one with this decor as Ikea is not the first stop on people’s list. Your house will be the first fabulous one stand out.

  4. Make a budget and stick to it- this sounds obvious, but when you are walking into all of your favorite stores or shopping online, overbuying is a huge problem for a large percentage of shoppers. Make a list of what you need, who you are buying for, and spend within your means. Make your purchase and get out ASAP.

  5. Make homemade Christmas cards, invitations and thank you letters- This will save you anywhere from $20-$100+ depending on how many people you are making cards for. You do not have to be a professional graphic designer for this project. For beginners, I highly suggest starting with picmonkey’s free trial. This is a great editorial and graphic design website for beginners, but of course, intermediate and advanced graphic designers can use it to in order to save loads of time. You can also use platforms such as google docs, and Microsoft Office. For more advanced users I suggest Adobe creative cloud products such as InDesign or Illustrator. Adobe offers free trials and tons of discounts. Once you have your final product, place your card in the printer and print.

    Disclaimer: nothing on this page or on my blog is sponsored.