How to get your children to crave vegetables


My child has always been a lover of all things healthy. She has been raised on fruits, vegetables, and limited processed food. I guess I shouldn’t say always. There was a period of time when she was rejecting the vegetables that she once loved. This worried me. I worried that she was not getting adequate vitamins that she once was. I was also worried that she was losing a great habit and taste that we both worked so hard on developing.

So, I devised a plan that actually worked getting her back on track and I wanted to share this method with you.


Continue to serve your child(ren) vegetables daily when you cook them/go out to eat, to keep them in a routine. Be sure to.encourage them to eat or at least try and maintain a positive attitude (even if it is frustrating).

Continue to make a fruit and vegetable smoothie daily.

The Science of why this works

With your children eating vegetables in their smoothie, their body will naturally crave more vegetables. Therefor they will soon be eating veggies with you at the table.

Be patient, it will work with a matter of time and keeping to it.

The Product

I make smoothies with my Ninja blender #NOTSPONSORED .

(As a side note, I own many Ninja products. I love this brand and would recommend it to anyone. They are high quality products for an affordable price. You can get creative with your recipes and make many healthy foods, such as this smoothy. The technology blends your mixture to perfection with a stress free quick clean up. Again, not a sponsored post-only my opinion!

The Recipe

I call this smoothie “The Green One” or “The Green Monster Smoothie”.

I make my vegetable smoothies with dairy free milk, bananas, and a little almond butter as my base. This will mask the taste of any vegetables you will use. If you’re using another recipe that peanut butter would be appropriate for, go ahead and use that. It masks the flavor and tastes amazing.

This smoothie will make leftovers, so get some extra cups ready.

Start with 2 cups of dairyfree milk (almond, soy, coconut, flax, hemp) and pour to your liking

1 table spoon of almond butter

2 bananas

1 orange with lots of juice or a splash of orange juice

8 strawberries (or to your liking)

2 green apples

1 tablespoon of chiaseeds or hemp seeds

1 large handful of spinach or kale

The spinach and kale might sound disgusting but you will not be able to taste 1 handful.

If you are making this for yourself and enjoy the taste of veggies, go ahead and pour some more in.

Remember, you do not have to follow the portions on here and you can always add or lessen portions to your liking.