Here's How is Relieving Millions of Low Income Americans

Amazon has taken a long awaited measure to provide equal opportunities to people of low income levels.

Amazon is already a reasonably priced website and a great source for e-commerce businesses. Most of us compare in-store prices to Amazon when going shopping so we can save some money.  It is likely that we will save a few dollars to a substantial amount.

What was the big problem with

The cost to join Prime has always been expensive. Before 2018, it was about $99.00 and the student price was $50.

It raised a large amount for the marjority of us in 2018.

According to, Starting May 11, 2018, new members will be charged $119 per year for an annual Prime membership and $59/year for an annual Prime Student membership.

Starting June 16, 2018, existing Prime members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $119/year. Prime Student members with an annual membership will renew at a rate of $59/year. Monthly Prime members continue to pay $12.99 per month. Monthly Prime Student members continue to pay $6.49 per month”.

That is a lot of money for most of us.

Luckily, I get the student discount at $59.00, but that is still quite pricey for an average independent student who relies on financial aid and a job. That Prime membership is most likely coming from financial aid. At least for me.

For those who are not going to school, and who are not making a large income like the vast majority of America it is unlikely the get Prime membership since you are prioritizing your expenditures.

Amazon has finally come to a solution.

Now the vast amount of Americans struggling to make ends meet would greatly benefit from Amazon's discounts!

Click here has implemented a program for families receiving TANIF (temporary assistance for needy families), Food Stamps, and Medicaid Card holders. The major discount includes a Prime membership on thousands of qualifying purchases for the price of $5.99 per month.

Just as any other Prime Member, you get a free 30-day trial. You may cancel before 30 days if you are not satisfied with Prime.

Prime is the best thing ever. As mentioned above, people pay a lot of money per month to receive Prime services and the benefits that come along with it.

Prime includes free 2 day shipping. It must say Prime next to the item to qualify.

Free returns

Amazon family prime includes 20% off diapers, food, and other essential items.

Prime TV

Amazon photos- unlimited storage for your photos

Kindle reading at discounted prices or free trials

And so much more

In the end, Prime pays off and you will get your money’s worth- in this case after one purchase.