5 Tips to Make a Creative Domain Name that Works

My previous domain name was millennialmilitaryfamily.com. Why did I change my domain name? I wanted more room for growth and creativity. I felt boxed in by this name and I was not getting the subscribers that I wanted. I am going to share with you some lessons learned when I switched domain names. For any prospective bloggers, or for those who are thinking about switching names, this blog is for you.

What’s in a name? Take my old domain name for example. When you look at that you might think that it is exclusively for millennial’s and military. This was not my objective at all. I wanted all sorts of people to join my blog. Over time I realized for me personally, my domain name was most likely driving followers away. I had a great vision for my blog and that domain name. It was important to me because it marks our time and place in history. It shows our sociological evolution as a group of people. Studies show that people make a judgement within the first 3-7 seconds of seeing something. A domain name or a business name is not an exception. I felt that this name was not attracting enough people.

Broadening horizons: With the vast amount of topics I am covering, I do not want to constrict my blog’s name to the military. My content includes free printables for child development, writing prompts for school age children, planners, and lesson plans for educators. I host giveaways. I talk about health, disability, healthcare reform, relationships, parenting, and self-care. Now, I want to expand and talk about beauty and create tutorials.


Supply and demand.

*Once I got my blog up and going, posted regularly, and connected all social media accounts, I got more attention from beauty affiliates than anyone else. You must pay attention to what people are interested in, while still staying true to your blog.

Selecting a name to represent all content: If you are thinking about starting a blog and pondering about a domain name, you may decide to pick a name that narrows deeply into your niche- which is what I did at first. For many people this works great! For others, not so much. What if you want to start posting content outside of your niche? If you have a finance blog with a domain frugalfinance.com and want to switch to beauty, you might find yourself feeling stuck. You will need to change that domain name so you can continue to write about both finance and beauty. A good rule of thumb is to pick a name that will represent all content.

How to pick a blog name: Does your blog have an overall theme? Even if you have a large amount of subjects, there is a way to organize it and categorize it as a lifestyle blog. Your domain name can be an over arching theme of your site or play on words. You can select words that have a high SEO rating, although this tactic has dropped over the years. Look at other bloggers for inspiration and make sure that you have an original name. You do not want to copy anyone, but there is nothing wrong with inspiration. Check all social media platforms and see if that name is available. If not, what will you name it?

Fluidity: How does your blog’s name sound when you say it? Does it roll off the tongue? Will it be something that people will remember? Will it take forever to type it out everytime you login or write a blog post? Say it out loud and ask an honest friend or 2 what they think and how you can improve. Bouncing ideas off of friends or a spouse is a great way to generate new ideas. You get to say your ideas out loud, which makes a huge difference than being stuck in your head.

The inspiration for my blog’s name, silverliningsdaily is we will always find a silver lining even in the darkest of times. We must look for that silver lining daily, and count our blessings or gratitude. It is also a spin off my last name Silverman, and the daily work that I put into my blog, writing, social media, and community advocacy.