How to Maintain Pastel Hair + Two Exclusive Discounts Inside

The dying and maintaing process is not cheap. You want high quality products, which is why I am here to provide you discounts to make your hair journey affordable. My discount codes that you will find at the end match or even beat drug store prices.

As I mentioned in my previous post Simple Tutorial for Pastel Hair I promised that I would follow up with a post about maintaining pastel hair. If you are thinking about going pastel read my post that I linked above. It is a serious commitment that will do some damage on your hair no matter how much preparation you put into it. Daily maintenance is the most important part of making any changes to your hair-especially as drastic as using bleach and toner. If you want to go pastel or even a fun color, you need to commit to daily hair care.

If you have pastel hair, you most likely have experience with maintaining your hair. Comment below if you have any suggestions or do things that are different or the same.

I am going to give you my recommendations and routine.

Having pastel hair means having to make some lifestyle changes.

You will need to decrease the amount of times you wash your hair. In general, there is debate about how many times you should wash your hair. Many people wash their hair daily, which is actually not recommend by dermatologists. You should wash your hair about everyother day to every 2 days so your hair can absorb it’s own natural oils. Some people squirm at the thought of this. I honestly do not think it is gross at all, but rather essential. Just clean your body.

I honestly shampoo my hair once every 1 to 2 weeks to prevent further damage. The rest of the time I wash my hair in some type of treatment 2-3 times a week if that.

Check the type of shampoo you are using and assure that it is color-safe + sulfate free. Again, use the discount code provided.

An example of what I use for Shampoo is Ion’s Color Defense Shampoo.

This feels refreshing on my scalp while making me feel good about maintaining the dignity of my hair, as well as color.

My average conditioner is the Ion’s Color Defense Conditioner

For After Treatment, I recommend Ion’s Color Defense After Treatment, which you can also buy in affordable sample packets.

The average amount of deep conditioning is about 1 time per week, but it varies per person.

 Increase deep conditioning 2 times - 3 times per week if your hair is  extremely damaged (varies per person). However you must be sure not to over do it. You should also mix up the products.

*It is very important not use multiple protein products. Your hair will become so soft that it will begin falling out. If you have a protein based shampoo and conditioner, skip a protein based deep conditioning treatment.

2-3 times per week for me looks like

Night 1. Biz Blonde Treatment (still works for pastel and it is wonderful)

Night 2. Ion Rapid Repair Treatment

Night 3. Saturating my hair in coconut oil overnight

After I am done washing, I love to put a little Vitamin E throughout my hair (and all over my face AND body) your hair should suck all of this up quickly post-bleaching/toning/dying. Vitamin E is amazing for your skin and actually makes you look younger due to its age defying agents.

I skip hot tools and leave my hair to air dry. I give it a boost with a towel.

Once in great while, if I am in a hurry I will blow dry on medium and eliminate all frizz with a dab of argan oil.

With that said, I love love love all things Ion (not sponsored). I cannot get enough of Ion’s Styling Spray Leave In Conditioner .You can use this on dry or wet hair, however you prefer. On my off days of washing my hair, I spray this in and brush it through. It assures that my hair is getting the moisture, it makes my hair smell amazing, and looks fresh. In addition to this, I also switch it up and use my other fav Ion’s Repair Leave In Conditioner Spray

The upside of bleaching to level 10 and toning thoroughly is that you do not have to do it again for a long time. All you have to do is the upkeep with color.

Once your hair is strong enough to endure more color (I STRONGLY suggest ammonia free dye otherwise you’ll end up with dead hair), put a few drops of your original dye mixture into your conditioner and leave for 3-5 minutes as needed. Maybe 1x per week to maintain a fresh pastel look.

All opinions are my own.

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