How to Find Your Hobby

I believe everyone should have at least 1 hobby. Watching T.V. and browsing social media without a purpose does not count. I am talking about something that challenges your mind and ignites your passion. It helps you cope during stressful times and helps take stay productive. You learn many new skills and you will be able to pass these on to others who take an interest. Hobbies help you become more independent and less reliant on those around you.

If you find yourself saying “I am not good at anything.” or “I don’t have any talent” it’s time to stop the negative self-talk. Everyone is great at something. You might not just have not discovered what that is, or taken time to develop your skills. “I am too old”. You are never too old for a hobby.If you are saying “I cannot find the time” you can make the time. Adjust your schedule. Instead of watching T.V. or scrolling using social media, you have just gained 1-3 hours. There is time to find a hobby if you plan accordingly.

In 2014, NHS of the UK conducted a study “Does having a hobby help you live longer?”. This peer reviewed journal answered yes. In addition to healthy diet, exercises AND hobby, you can add years onto your life and reduce the risk of major health problems. Click on the link to read more in-depth in this credible source.

#1 Have confidence in yourself. You must be confident and put yourself out there to explore new things.

#2 Dismiss the fear of failure. This is absolutely essential. You are not failing if you are trying new things. You might make mistakes, but that is how we master our craft.

#3 Practice. Developing a craft does not happen overnight.

#4 Trial and error: you may find out that you are not passionate about something that you thought you would be. Try something else

#5 Stick to activity and give it a chance before starting another one.

#5 Consider how much money you want to put into your hobby. Can you do something for free? If not, is it worth the investment?

#6 Join a group with similar interests. You will find people at all skill levels. They can help you and give you constructive feedback. The app Meetup is a great place to start.

#7 Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This will help guide your journey to find a hobby.

#8 To Conclude rid yourself of negative-self talk and excuses.Once you have a hobby, you now have a unique skills. This boost your self-esteem and you will find yourself more positive and using less self-talk and excuses.