30 random things that you do not know about me

Here are 30 random facts about me (in no particular order) you may or may not know about me

  1. I love love LOVE Starbucks. Some would argue it is an addiction (takes a sip of Mango Drangonfruit Refresher). If you have not tried a refresher, especially mango drangonfruit than you have not lived to your highest self. #notspon

  2. I use the Galaxy 9s Plus phone

  3. I use a MacBook.#notspon

  4. I am makeup obsessed and I have been since I was a child.

  5. I do not have a cosmetology license, but I consider myself a self-taugt makeup artist.

  6. When I was a teen/young adult I would ONLY purchase high end makeup

  7. MAC Makeup was my favorite and I was a collector of it.

  8. My new favorite brands are NYX & Elf #notspon

  9. I spent years looking for my perfect shade in foundation and a blush that didn’t burn a hole in wallet. I finally found the perfect shade with NYX BB Cream and Elf’s Blush which you can get as cheap as $2 (my fav) and a pallet for about $5. #pleasesponsorme

  10. The last time I had natural hair color.was when I was 11.

  11. In the past year it went from black, to red/pink. to pastel pink, to golden quartz pink, violet mauve, grey, and back to pink. My hair is fried.

  12. If you are looking for a long lasting color that does not do any damage, go with Arctic Fox. It lasts FOREVER- even with regular shampoos. #nonspon #pleasesponsorme

  13. I have gone back to using ION which you can purchase at Sally’s in store or online #notspon #sponsorme

  14. I have an autoimmune disorder called Multiple Sclerosis. There is no. cure, treatments are limited, and it is extremely painful.

  15. My worst symptom of MS is the MS Hug which there is no treatment for. I tried KOI CDB juice and my pain reduced almost immediately. #notspon

  16. I get frustrated at the stigma of hemp and CBD. There is 0 THC AND it does not make you high.

  17. People should not get to too angry at THC because it is likely that your physician will reccommend it for you.

  18. I do not use THC because it makes me scared.

  19. I was in the field of special education for 6 years

  20. I transfered colleges so many times, but once I got married I attended National University.

  21. I had my daughter at 18 going on 19

  22. Being a young parent is difficult and nearly financially impossible

  23. My daughter’s name was Scarlett.

  24. Her name was going to be Adelaide.

  25. I love counter culture, alternative lifestyle, whatever you want to call it.

  26. I love graphic design

  27. Adobe Creative Cloud has the best applications, but they are confusing for beginners. Spark is probably the easiest to begin with

  28. I advise picmonkey for a DIY project. There are so many options from DIY business cards, logos, flyers, invitations, graphics. I love them #notspon #sponsorme

  29. I love photography and I am going to start more projects using my Canon

  30. Writing a book is on my bucketlist. I want to make this happen in 19/20