Alternative New Year's Resolution

It is New Year’s Eve! Let’s kick the new years off with an alternative to the traditional New Year’s Resolution.

The most common resolutions throughout the years have notoriously revolved around health, money management, and self-improvement. For example, “I resolve to lose weight and be more active ”. “ I resolve to save 20% of my paycheck and stop spending on clothes “. & ” I resolve to find a new hobby and refine my skills.”

Studies show that 80% of new years resolutions fail by February.

This sounds discouraging, but we need to figure out why such a large amount of people abandon their resolutions so quickly, in order for us to stay on track.

I do not believe it is due to laziness. I think that the expectations are very specific when we should be open to a more general goal. I will explain in a moment.

If you slip up once or twice…a few times… that is okay. Do not beat yourself up. Continue on with your goal.

If your goal is to stop eating junk food and go to the gym 5 times a week, but you missed a day and had fast food, that is okay. Continue on and do not give up. You might need to reevaluate your goals. Perhaps 3 days at the gym is more realistic for your lifestyle. Maybe you can supplement the rest of the days with walking.

The alternative that I believe in is creating a word or mantra for the year

This is less specific and makes your goal general. When it comes to most things, you want to be specific, but when it comes to resolutions, I think you need as much room as possible in order to grow.

Take the example above-Your goal is to “stop eating junk food and exercise more”. Replace this with the word “Health” or mantra “my body is a temple”.

This is easier to remember, it takes pressure off, and it is more compassionate.

Whenever you need a reminder or a boost of confidence, just recite your mantra as many times as you need to.

“Health” is a general term. Not only does this focus on your goal of healthy eating and exercise, but it will remind you to do other things for your health. You might think of going to regular doctor’s and dentist appointments and make time for self care to alleviate stress.

Setting a word and/or creating a mantra helps you become more creative when reaching your goals, and it raises self-awareness. The traditional New Year’s resolution constricts and that is why I believe many people abandon it by February.

I challenge you to get creative and come up with a word and/or mantra this year.

Happy 2019!