The Power of Handwritten Letters

Do you remember the last time you received mail other than dreadful bills or junk mail?

Think back to when you opened your mail box to find something special. Maybe it was a card with a hand written message from a loved one. Perhaps, there was a sentimental gift inside.

How did that make you feel?

Personally, I get very excited. It warms my heart to know someone took the time to think of me.  

Hold on to that feeling, and know that you have the power to give that to your servicemember when they are deployed. Although he or she might contact you over the phone or internet, it is guaranteed that they would love to get a surprise letter in the mail.

 Many times, they are in a no-contact area, and they are longing to talk to you. Receiving mail from you will make a world of difference. Not to mention, he will probably re-read it dozens of times upon homecoming as my husband did when I sent him letters.

Date your mail

If they are in a no-contact area, your letter is not guaranteed to always reach them, but sometimes it does. When they are able to receive mail, they will find letters from you and they will see that you were thinking about them the entire time. There is no better feeling than the feeling of being remembered and loved through the distance and silence.

During times when you are feeling lonely and wanting to talk to them, take this opportunity and write from your heart. This gives you an outlet to express yourself in ways that you might not be able to do verbally. This is not only beneficial for your deployed servicemember to read, but it's a self-care method for you.

Handwritten letters are timeless.

They are romantic and powerful. Traditional handwritten letters are becoming devalued in our evolving technological age where we resort to text and email by default. We need to keep our timeless letters alive. It is something we can keep forever.  


*tip: there are lots of crafting projects you can do with the letters upon homecoming. I will post our example soon.