Healthcare Support Groups

I wanted to share an amazing resource that I found earlier this year, and I use it just about every day.

It is called My Health Teams ( This is not a sponsored post-only my opinion from personal experience.

It is an online support group for those who are diagnosed, in the process of being diagnosed, or family members of those diagnosed with a certain diagnosis.

Here is a picture of all the things My Health Teams supports.

The Bay Area based headquarters stated that it is expanding, as it is still somewhat new. I can attest this to be true. I started using their site at the beginning of the year and they mostly had autoimmune diseases and a few others.

As military spouses many of us, for different reasons, feel as if we are going through difficult life issues alone. With frequent relocations, It can be hard to reach out, and sometimes it is hard to know where to reach out. I always encourage you to find your support system where ever that might be. As a military spouse with Multiple Sclerosis, I advocate for online support groups as it is a constant source of familiar support from the same people despite where the military takes us.