Advice from Infantrymarine 1st SGT

We might not be able to see our husbands as much as we want to. A times, the military wife and children ache for his presence. As my husband’s new 1st SGT gave a brief, yet motivating speech and introduction. He said a couple things that stood out to me. He was vulnerable and his heart was open in front of hundreds of Marines and their family members. That is true bravery. He said that your marine will spend more time with their fellow Marines at work, then they will at home, especially based on rank and MOS. As he continued his speech, you could feel grief in the formation, yet pride for completing his recent deployment. 1st SGT emphasized the importance of quality over quantity. Treasure the time you have with your family, and be mindful of never taking people or time for granted.

It was almost time time to get off of work and then leave will start for 10 days. My mom also paid us a visit which was nice. My husband and I got to go on much needed dates, AND even left the house alone together while knowing that our daughter is in safe hands. I know my daughter and Grandma treasured every moment together. There was one rule. No phone, tables, or computer. Just quality time.