Healthy Breakfasts for everyone

Typically I prep 8 cups of oatmeal, which serves our family of 3 breakfast Monday-Friday. I love oatmeal not just because of it’s high source of protein to get the day started, but I mostly love the versatility. With oatmeal you have options. I love mine with gluten free oats, dairy-free milk, toppled with honey crisp apples and sprinkled cinnamon. You can always do the basic oatmeal and raisin which is a classic favorite. Oatmeal can go sweet and/or savory. What ever you wish. Oatmeal is affordable, feeds a lot for a little, and extremely healthy. There are many health benefits including a protein fueled breakfast, it lowers cholesterol, and good for the heart, I have to eat gluten free, and I love that Quaker Oats makes an affordable option as well.