100 Hobbies for Inspiration

I recently posted “How to find your hobby” with some tips and suggestions. I thought I would make a list of some ideas to inspire you if you need a jump start. Do you want to enhance something that you already know a bit about, or do you want to start fresh and learn a new set of skills? I suggest you read my prior post in addition to this list, as it compliments this post. Once you read my “100 ideas” you might get the inspiration to make money off the things your produce-or even start your own business.


1. Painting


3. Drawing



6. Sketching

7. Scrapbooking


9.Creative Writing

10. Jewelry Making


11. Gardening

12. Hiking

13. Walking in new areas

14 Walking groups

15 Collecting shells on the beach


16. Blogging

17. Vlogging

18. Become a youtuber

19. Learn Code

20. Learn Java

21 Learn HTML

22. Adobe software

23. Graphic design

24. Photography

25 Take a photography class

26. Learn Photoshop

27. Master Microsoft Office

28. Affiliate marketing

29. Sell on Amazon

30. Sell on eBay


31.Learn makeup art DIY

32. Learn how to do hair

33. Make your own beauty masks


34. Learn about investing

35. Day trading

36. Start with $5 and see how far you can go

37. Check out Robinhood.com

38. Learn how to manage an excel spreadsheet


39. Glass blowing


41. Renovate

42. Upholstery

43. Woodworking


44. Interior Design by upcycling

45. Vegan or vegetarian recipes

46. Compost gardening


47. Event planning,

48 Community advocacy

49. Volunteerism

50. Create a meetup group for people of similar interest. I recommend the site meetup

51. Join a group to learn something new

52. Join a support group


53. floral arrangement

54. Interior Design

55.Candle making

56.Community Murals

57. Write a book

58. Illustrate a book

59 Write an ebook

60. Write your own cookbook (pass it down to through generations or publish it)  

61. Knitting

62. Crochet

63. Cooking

64. Write a play

65. Write a children’s book

66. Caligraphy

67. Embroidery

68. Start a podcast

69. 3D Art

70. Animation

71. Sewing

72. Quilting

73. Making blankets (great presents and giveaways to shelters especially during the holidays)

74. Make your own toy

75. Create printables

76. Create crossword puzzles




79.Teach a class

80. Learn a sport

81. Join a team

82.Take an exercise class like Zumba

82. Take a college class

84.Learn how to Dance

85.Learn how to play an instrument

86Create your own board game

87.Create mazes

88.Brew your own beer

89. Make your own wine

90. Archery

91. Make your customer coffee

92. Create a signature drink

93. Bird watching

95. Animal rescue

95. Work at your local humane society

96. Create apps

97. Build your own website

98. Start your own business- maybe from home

99. Learn how to draw up a business plan

100. Master Google software with an emphasis on Google Analytics if starting your own Business